About Us

Hi I'm Sadie,

How and why did I start this business?
I worked in the corporate sector for years and at one point I decided that my job didn't make me happy anymore. So I kept dreaming of a job I could do with passion. It had to be such a job that I could touch people's lives and add value to their lives. I finally found my dream job and opened my shop about last year.

Now I bring you the products that I designed. I know that the work I'm doing is really valuable. I imagine the smile on your face when my products reach you, or I imagine the feelings of that person when you send someone a gift from me. Oh my god I got goosebumps. :)

Long story short, I'm glad I started this business. Still with the excitement and passion of the first day..

If we talk a little bit about the working system;
I follow the trends closely and blend them with my own design ideas. I work with companies that provide professional printing services to produce these products I design. They do their best to produce the products I have designed in the highest quality and deliver to you as soon as possible and with care. You can rest assured that I followed the whole process from start to finish to make sure everything went smoothly.

E-mail: info@daisydustland.com

Contact form:ย https://www.daisydustland.com/pages/contact

Address:ย DaisyDustLand LLC, 256 Chapman Road, STE 105-4, Newark DE 19702, United States (This is the business address, product shipments are not made from this address. This address does not accept returns.)