The Tortured Poet's Department Collection: Emotinal, Vintage, Floral and So Poetic!

The Tortured Poet's Department Collection: Emotinal, Vintage, Floral and So Poetic!

Hi DaisyPals today we will talk a little about my TTPD designs. Are you ready?

As soon as the album was released, I immediately started the design preparations and have already created six designs. The album is a sad album, let's face it. It contains very emotional, historical and poetic themes. That's why I wanted to summarize the designs I created a little bit.

DaisyDustLand has been around since 2021. Since then, I have designed hundreds of Swiftie merch. Those who have been following me for many years know that all my designs have a common and unique feature: "if you know, you know". Yes, I prepare all the designs on this theme, because yes we love Blondie, but we don't want to wear merch that screams Taylor Swift. I prepared this collection in the same way, I hope you like it. 

If you want, let's take a closer look at the stories of my designs;

1. Fortnight Victorian Mourning Dress Inspired T-shirt

There is almost no Swiftie who hasn't watched the Fortnight music video. For example, I think I watched it a million times. :D The first thing that catches your eye is definitely that soulful black dress worn by Taylor Swift. I did some research and it turns out that dress was the dress women wore during mourning in the Victorian Era. Ugh! It's heartbreaking! Yes, I thought I should definitely use this in this design and I chose black and white to match the colors of the album. At first glance, it's not obvious that it's a Taylor Swift fan made merch, right? What did we say, "If you know, you know". This design is available on my website as both a t-shirt and a sweatshirt. You can review it here.

2. All's Fair In Love And Poetry Vintage Floral Book Sweatshirt

To be honest, I designed this before the album came out. Yes, if you follow my page on Instagram, you know this. I couldn't wait for the whole album to be released and I thought I had to do something immediately. You can see a lot of fine detail in this design, a vintage book could represent "Manuscript" for example, a feather is the kind used by poets, and the flowers seem to represent the secret gardens in the song "I hate It Here". Of course, there are little hearts there too, they symbolize love. So, if you are looking for a design that will represent the album in general, I think this product is for you. In fact, it is very popular. By the way, I think this design is very suitable for autumn, you may want to buy your autumn sweatshirt now. If you want to take a look, here is the link:

3. So Long London Boho Wedding Altar Watercolor Graphic T-Shirt

Ugh! This is really sad! I don't know where to start. Because creating this design felt really emotional and this song is truly heartbreaking! In this part of the song, I imagined a woman who got lost under the Wedding Altar; she never wore her wedding dress, never wore her ring, never threw her bouquet to her friends, and all the things she dreamed of remained within her. We can also look at it from this perspective, she died while waiting for the proofs under the altar. In fact, these proofs were the wedding dress, rings and bridal bouquet. But none of them were used. I know this design is a little heartbreaking, but Blondie did it to us! I completed the design in these shades to match the sepia color concept of the album. I hope you like it, it's really hard for someone who sees this design to understand it for the first time, but isn't that the point anyway? You can access the product from this link.

4. TTPD Album As Vintage Floral Book T-Shirt

I created this design before the album was even released. I have a lot of booklover Swiftie followers and I wanted to do this for them. I even asked my followers on Instagram whether this design should be black/white or sepia. Most people wanted it to be sepia and I think it turned out beautifully. But when I made this design, not all the songs had been released yet, so it only contains 17 songs. If you want to take a quick look:

5. The Tortured Poet's Vintage Desk Sweatshirt

When I was creating this design, I knew I wanted it to look a bit vintage, retro. That's why you can see a striped wallpaper behind the table. It must have been a pretty messy table because, you know, this is the table of a tortured poet. When you examine carefully, you can see clocks, glasses and candles on the table. They all give off a vintage vibe and tell the story of a poet working at this table for hours. I think this design will be the perfect choice for the autumn season. I hope you will like it. Here is a link you can easily access the merch;

6. I look In People's Windows Historical Floral Window Aesthetic T-Shirt

I knew I definitely had to use a window element for this design, but I decided to choose a more historical window to capture the mood of the album. I surrounded it with climbing roses and wanted to refer to the phrase "Rose Golden Glows". This design totally screams spring and summer. I hope you will like it. Here is the link;

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That's all for now, new designs will continue to come to this collection. See you in our next blog post, DaisyPals, love you, XoXo..



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